The Swedish police force is looking for some new cars and this is what it ends up with. 50 brand new VW Passat. They have tested it hard and in the end of this year they will be delivered.

Different versions have been ordered, from 150 to 300 hp, DSG and 4motion and of course there is some police stuff inside that they have choosen by them self.

I hope I won’t get the 300hp police car after me :).

This is a 10 minutes long story about Internet, I don’t tell you if it is true or not… 🙂




I was shopping some nostalgia today 🙂 PacMan, Super Mario and Arkanoid Socks! 🙂

Maybe I should setup my Nintendo 8-bit 🙂

Oh, soo nice, the new Nexus Prime, I want one… I have a HTC Desire HD and I love my phone but this one is so good looking. Big screen, good specs, Android 4.0… just like a dream for an Android fan.

4.65″ big screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720. A dual core 1.2 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage, fice megapixel rear facing camera with 1080p video capture and a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera, LTE 4g wireless network, and the most important thing of course Android 4.0.

I haven’t seen any price on this device yet but the image says it all.. Must have. 🙂

More at neowin, images and screenshots!–android-40-ui-screenshots-leak

Birzzle is a cute little action puzzle game. It is a bit addicted and very funny game to play when you have a booring time :).

This is a Drag n Drop block puzzle and you use your finger tips to move around. The game idea are easy to understand, move birds till they disappears and they will do if you have three or more birds together in the same color.

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Ge-kås is a huge low price supermarket in Ullared, Sweden. And there is so much customers everyday with big carts, but today there was an incident that only can happens in Ge-Kås.

A crash cart on Gekås in Ullared a result, police were called, after two shopping women and their daughters ended up in trouble.

After the collision, one cart was used to run over one of the daughters. Someone should also have received a kick in the back, writes Halland News.

Mother and daughter pair police notified the other of assault. The second duo made ​​a counter-notification if bodily injury.


I can understand why this can happens sometimes because the load of customers, some days there is no room left and they have security in the door and they let you in when other people is finished shopping. But it is cheap, some things are very cheap and that’s why it is so popular.

Adventure World is a new adventure game from Zynga. You play it on Facebook and of course you need to add friends to make it easier for you :). It is in Indiana Jones style and I think they have made it well.

You start on your base camp and also return to after each expedition. On your base camp you can upgrade your stuff, and earn money and so on…

After Farmville I told my self that never do games like this again… But Zynga, Zynga… they are good. So, another game to get addicted to. 🙂

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This is just what my mum can say sometimes :).